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Chicken Thigh Red Bell Pepper Sauce

Sauce Ingredients: 2 Garlic Cloves ¼ White Onion 1/3 of Red Bell Pepper ½ cup of Vegetable broth Ingredients: 1 pack of boneless chicken thighs (2.5 lbs - about 5 pieces of chicken) Seasonings for chicken: Salt, pepper, oregano, Adobo, turmeric Directions: Throw all sauce ingredients into a blender, and blend until creamy. In a… Continue reading Chicken Thigh Red Bell Pepper Sauce


Banana Pancakes – (Low-carb)

This recipe, I promise, is quick and easy to make! You only need three ingredients (if you don’t like cinnamon, nutmeg, or sugar). These pancakes are not the huge Ihop pancakes, but a good size if you're trying to watch your diet. Perhaps make some sides to go with it; turkey bacon or fruit... enjoy!… Continue reading Banana Pancakes – (Low-carb)

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3 Layer Veggie Lasagna

This recipe is great for throwing all veggies you have left over in your frig and making a flavorful delicious meal. If you have left over spinach, I would recommend not putting it in the sauce, rather putting it as a layer in the pan. If you have kale, I would put it in the… Continue reading 3 Layer Veggie Lasagna


Quick Broccoli & Cheese Casserole

Quick Broccoli & Cheese Casserole Every now and then I post pictures and live videos of my cooking! I love to show everyone what I love to do and that is cooking! One of my sorority sisters reached out to me about the broccoli dish I cooked tonight, so here I am… posting about it!… Continue reading Quick Broccoli & Cheese Casserole


Teriyaki Noodles with Ground Turkey

This recipe is super easy and delicious! I have been in a noodle Asian feeling for quit some time. Let me know what you think! Be sure to subscribe, like, or comment, I would love to hear from you! Ingredients: Meat 1 pound of Ground Turkey Vegetables ¼ Carrot (cut horizontally) ¼ Red Bell Pepper… Continue reading Teriyaki Noodles with Ground Turkey

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2019 (Rosemary Seared Salmon with fresh Green beans and Almonds)

As I transition into the new year of 2019, there are a few things I want to start back up, and few others I want to stop! The first couple activities I want to dedicate my time to is detoxing more frequently, and getting back into my routine of exercise. Before we got pregnant I… Continue reading 2019 (Rosemary Seared Salmon with fresh Green beans and Almonds)


Simple Stuffed Bell Pepper

My husband doesn’t like beans or corn lol so I make his stuffed peppers without. This recipe is simple and easy! All you have to do is throw it all together. I just used whatever I had in my cupboard.   Ingredients: 4-5 deveined and unseeded Bell Pepper 1 box of Yellow Rice 1 can… Continue reading Simple Stuffed Bell Pepper


Street Spicy Green Sauce Fish Tacos

Street Spicy Green Sauce Fish Tacos This how I know I have been San Antonio for a long time now. I love tacos! **Side note, that is the only Mexican dish I truly enjoy to eat. It is easy to make, throw together, and twist the recipe each time! Since the birth of our daughter,… Continue reading Street Spicy Green Sauce Fish Tacos


Crunchy Zucchini

I’m always looking for veggie-based meal ideas. I want them taste delicious; especially since I try to cut out at much meat as I can. My husband wants to continue to still eat meat occasionally, so I have to find ways to make vegetables taste like meat, or at least something he would want more… Continue reading Crunchy Zucchini