Oh Baby aka Alana’s Arrival

Many women put having a child on the top of their “to do” list or the top of their priorities. Me however, not so much. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, it was definitely a life changing moment. Knowing sooner than later, our lives would never be the same. I had… Continue reading Oh Baby aka Alana’s Arrival


TV Talk

Weekly my husband and I have specific shows we look forward to watching during the week (I sound very married lol). We plan what day, times, and also look for new and exciting shows that we may enjoy watching together. The shows that always give us a great conversation, are the reality shows. For example,… Continue reading TV Talk


An Apple for Teacher

Growing up in Bellevue, Nebraska I always considered teachers as the role model, a person of trust and care. And in all my life, I have one teacher that will always be my favorite and stay dear to my heart. Her name is Mrs. Knight. She still to this day asks me to call her… Continue reading An Apple for Teacher


Time & Space

One of the most prominent gifts God gives me is time, so I don't waste it. I believe many people take for granted this gift, and think they have all the time to get right socially, academically, with family, being a good friend, physically... we all have an expiration date. If we take too much… Continue reading Time & Space



I definitely thought the day would never come when I would say the words “I will” and “I  do”. I am a millennial and dating during this generation is hard. I can only imagine what other generations after mine are like. Every piece of our small reception was perfect and special. All I could do… Continue reading 02.24.18

Conversations, Food

Vegan/ Vegetarian Eating

This past weekend, my fiancé and I decided to watch a documentary. Like most situations, we enjoy watching documentaries; they happen to be some of the most factual information you can find in this world. The name of the documentary, is called, “What the health”. I am naturally a healthy eater/ consumer, and from time… Continue reading Vegan/ Vegetarian Eating


Los Angeles

I traveled to Los Angeles for the first time this month. I am not accustomed to “dreaming” about doing something; however, I am accustomed to hard work. I say that to say this: arriving in California was a dream come true. I felt like it was a place where I belonged. I felt free, and… Continue reading Los Angeles


“Not a Word I Use Often”

“Not a Word I Use Often” friend <noun> a person who knows and with whom has a bound of mutual affection… When I reflect on how I view the word “friend”, or how often I use it, its minute. I think over my lifetime, I have understood what it truly means to be a friend… Continue reading “Not a Word I Use Often”


T.I.A. This is America

T.I.A. This is America These days, people hide behind their fingers and masks. Disguising who they really are, how they really feel, and who they want to be. Social media alleviates some of that; by creating profiles, and making fantasies rather than realities. With a little make-up, picture filter, voice developer, and surgeon; we can be… Continue reading T.I.A. This is America