A stranger is on the horizon and I don’t mean a person… I am talking about 2020. It’s beginning to sink in; the fact that it’s going to be a whole new decade and I haven’t really planned or given it a lot of thought. This is the first holiday in a long time, that… Continue reading Stranger


A Tip for Vegas

My husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas for his very good friend. His friends wife was planning a birthday surprise, full of weekend adventures and activities. Funny part is… many couples and family members canceled 4 am the day we were set to go to Vegas (20 people or so). Pretty effed… Continue reading A Tip for Vegas


Wedding Dress

It's been about four months since my husband and I's wedding.  I wanted to share some beautiful photos of the my dress, shoes, my make-up artist and venue!   Below are their Instagram accounts just in case you are interested in seeing more of their work.   Dress: @isabelbridal MUA: @xiomyslays Nails: @gabbi_michelle Photographer: @timbarriosphotography… Continue reading Wedding Dress


Can you Belize the time we had?

I realized the older I got, the more I wanted to spend time traveling and see the world! Since having my daughter last June, many things have changed; my body, my mentality, and hanging out with friends. In March, my husband, and my good friend Maatra met for brunch. Maatra and I have known each… Continue reading Can you Belize the time we had?


Verbal Abuse towards Teachers

I pondered whether I would discuss this or not, and I decided that I should… so here it is. In the past four years or so, I have been a part of the public school system; a special education teacher. I began teaching as a substitute, then a special education instructional assistant, and later became… Continue reading Verbal Abuse towards Teachers

Conversations, Food

2019 (Rosemary Seared Salmon with fresh Green beans and Almonds)

As I transition into the new year of 2019, there are a few things I want to start back up, and few others I want to stop! The first couple activities I want to dedicate my time to is detoxing more frequently, and getting back into my routine of exercise. Before we got pregnant I… Continue reading 2019 (Rosemary Seared Salmon with fresh Green beans and Almonds)


Bathroom breastfeeding?

The most awkward moments about breastfeeding is in the bathroom. Or how about traveling in an airport and trying to find a family bathroom with a plug. Breastfeeding is very demanding and time consuming. I pump on average every 3-5 hours, and approximately 6-8 ounces of milk (3-4 ounces each breast). Because I produce very… Continue reading Bathroom breastfeeding?


Business Boutique

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend an all Woman’s Business Conference, “Christy Wright’s ‘Business Boutique’”, with my sorority sister! The “Business Boutique” was in Nashville, Tennessee; which is a beautiful city by the way. Nashville has to be in my top three cities to see! The entire night life lights up, with unique… Continue reading Business Boutique


Black Breastfeeding Week

Wow! Okay, I didn’t know this week even existed. But since it does… perhaps I should share a piece of my own journey. Currently, many women speak about their over the moon joy of breastfeeding. I won’t say I am over the moon, more or so, just blessed I was able to have the experience… Continue reading Black Breastfeeding Week