A stranger is on the horizon and I don’t mean a person… I am talking about 2020. It’s beginning to sink in; the fact that it’s going to be a whole new decade and I haven’t really planned or given it a lot of thought. This is the first holiday in a long time, that… Continue reading Stranger


A Tip for Vegas

My husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas for his very good friend. His friends wife was planning a birthday surprise, full of weekend adventures and activities. Funny part is… many couples and family members canceled 4 am the day we were set to go to Vegas (20 people or so). Pretty effed… Continue reading A Tip for Vegas

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Chicken Thigh Red Bell Pepper Sauce

Sauce Ingredients: 2 Garlic Cloves ¼ White Onion 1/3 of Red Bell Pepper ½ cup of Vegetable broth Ingredients: 1 pack of boneless chicken thighs (2.5 lbs - about 5 pieces of chicken) Seasonings for chicken: Salt, pepper, oregano, Adobo, turmeric Directions: Throw all sauce ingredients into a blender, and blend until creamy. In a… Continue reading Chicken Thigh Red Bell Pepper Sauce


Wedding Dress

It's been about four months since my husband and I's wedding.  I wanted to share some beautiful photos of the my dress, shoes, my make-up artist and venue!   Below are their Instagram accounts just in case you are interested in seeing more of their work.   Dress: @isabelbridal MUA: @xiomyslays Nails: @gabbi_michelle Photographer: @timbarriosphotography… Continue reading Wedding Dress


Can you Belize the time we had?

I realized the older I got, the more I wanted to spend time traveling and see the world! Since having my daughter last June, many things have changed; my body, my mentality, and hanging out with friends. In March, my husband, and my good friend Maatra met for brunch. Maatra and I have known each… Continue reading Can you Belize the time we had?


Banana Pancakes – (Low-carb)

This recipe, I promise, is quick and easy to make! You only need three ingredients (if you don’t like cinnamon, nutmeg, or sugar). These pancakes are not the huge Ihop pancakes, but a good size if you're trying to watch your diet. Perhaps make some sides to go with it; turkey bacon or fruit... enjoy!… Continue reading Banana Pancakes – (Low-carb)

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3 Layer Veggie Lasagna

This recipe is great for throwing all veggies you have left over in your frig and making a flavorful delicious meal. If you have left over spinach, I would recommend not putting it in the sauce, rather putting it as a layer in the pan. If you have kale, I would put it in the… Continue reading 3 Layer Veggie Lasagna