A stranger is on the horizon and I don’t mean a person… I am talking about 2020. It’s beginning to sink in; the fact that it’s going to be a whole new decade and I haven’t really planned or given it a lot of thought. This is the first holiday in a long time, that I have been able to relax, not worry about school, and sleep in. I feel like I never get to do that anymore.

This past decade has been good to me:

  • Graduated from high school in 2010 and published my first book in the same year
  • Joined the sisterhood [Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated]
  • Graduated from College and Graduate school
  • Signed with a Modeling & Talent Agency and landed my first Billboard
  • Took a leap of faith and moved to Texas in my Honda Civic by myself
  • Starred in my own show on the BVN Network [Cutting Edge & Because It Matters]
  • Started my first business [Always a Lady First]
  • Became a Certified Special Education Teacher in Texas & Florida
  • Got married
  • Had a baby girl
  • My husband and I bought our first home
  • Published my second book
  • Began PhD School

It’s funny because I remember being in the second grade when the year 2000 hit. Many people were panicking about the new decade and that technology was going to shut down (which I find funny and laugh). Fast-forwarding two decades later, people are planning accordingly, and are ready for this new adventure. I am too, it just feels like a stranger lol (I guess this feeling is because it is truly the unknown). There are many things to come in my future and only God knows what that is.


I look forward to my husband and I owning our second home, making different moves for my business [Always a Lady First], staying on my healthy eating and exercise movement, and trying to see that light at the end of the tunnel for school. I want to continue to speak kindness and positivity into the atmosphere. If I want to see kindness, feel kindness, then I have to give it as well.


May God bless you this New Year Holiday season, and may you too be kind and spread kindness into the atmosphere. What a world we can have with kindness.


Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Stranger”

  1. Im proud of you and your accomplishments prima/hermanita and glad that you let me be a part of them in some form or fashion. May this year and going forward continue to bring you love and prosperity to you and your family! Love you all siempre!

    Feliz Ano Nuevo

    Su prima/hermana


  2. Thank you Prima! I am happy you have been apart of many moments as well! May this new year bring you love and happiness as well. We’ll have to plan a trip 😉


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