Business Boutique

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend an all Woman’s Business Conference, “Christy Wright’s ‘Business Boutique’”, with my sorority sister! The “Business Boutique” was in Nashville, Tennessee; which is a beautiful city by the way. Nashville has to be in my top three cities to see! The entire night life lights up, with unique architecture. The trees are ready for fall, and nice crisp chilly air. I love this time of year!

IMG_1421 2This conference had over 3,200 powerful business driven women. Everyone had innovative and unique ideas to take over the world with! We went to workshops, guest speakers, a provided workbook, and women vendors!

So here is a little bit about my journey so far… For the past year or so it has been the most difficult to find funding for my program, Always a Lady First. We are a mentorship for young ladies. We provide workbooks, and a curriculum that provides everything a young lady would need to make it successful in the real world; Beauty, health, fitness, self-love exercises, career and goal setting, just to name a few.

IMG_1401Everyone loves what I do and how much our society needs mentors for our young ladies! However, finding people who love your vision just as much as you do… now that’s a challenge. I learned what more I could be doing to reach more support, and to take my business to the next level. I can’t wait to put more strategic planning into my business. I know I will get AALF to where it needs to be. I just have to be patient and keep putting in the work and talent God gave me.

My priority is my nonprofit, and then I have a couple other ideas up my sleeve!

The funny part is, while learning, I still had to get other priorities done; like breast pumping for my daughter! I am four months down! Pumping in gross bathrooms, carrying little coolers, and breast pads (yes I need those, or I’ll leak so much milk it will go through my bra and shirt)! It is a commitment, but I promised myself I would make it until Alana is ready for solids, so I will fulfill my promise.

Right now I am sitting in Charlotte North Carolina waiting on my connecting flight to San Antonio! I can’t wait to get this grind going! I’ll leave with this:

“Faith and fear require you to believe in something that hasn’t happened yet. –Christy Wright”




4 thoughts on “Business Boutique”

  1. What a great experience you had! Like you stated in your article woman will in power other woman! I believe you will continue to improve your AALF by your leadership and the ideas that motivate youto move forward! So proud of all you have accomplished thus far! I know you have more to do! My God continue to bless you!! Mom💕😘🙏🏽


  2. I’m so proud of all the hard work that you have put into your mentoring program. The young women are so blessed to have you as a role model and as an encourager. What a loving mother you are, but then I would expect nothing less than your very best for your sweet baby girl!


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