I definitely thought the day would never come when I would say the words “I will” and “I  do”. I am a millennial and dating during this generation is hard. I can only imagine what other generations after mine are like.

Every piece of our small reception was perfect and special. All I could do was smile. It was intimate, loving, and passionate. Jerome looked so happy. I can only imagine what next year will be like when I have my linesisters, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and all of our family to come out and support us.

About an hour or two after the ceremony, Jerome and I were headed back to hang out with my parents and then go get something to eat. I then, began to cry. I thought about how much my parents mean to me and how much they have been my foundation, heart, support-team, and love. At that moment, I never knew that kind of love existed. I was flooded with love all at once; knowing the love of my life would be giving me the same love and more, a family we can call our own.  Jerome said, “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Don’t worry, they will always be there, nothing is changing.” I said, “I know, I’m just very happy. It’s just crazy, like I’m not nine years old anymore. Ya know? I’m 25 going on 26. Grown, I love my parents. They mean everything to me.” So much in my life is changing; but it’s a good change, a healthy change.

All at once, the love that gathered through my heart and love that came down my eyes, I had never felt this way before. I call it happiness.

1 thought on “02.24.18”

  1. Honey, you are our light! You have shown us how important it is that our family stay united and that we love & respect each other as human beings! We know you found the love you need with Jerome! He is our son and we love him very much!!🙏🏽💕🌺😘. We know know that your future life will be full of happiness and joy! We are so excited and proud of you that there are no words to describe it…and the best is yet to come especially the most important gift from God with baby on the way! We are so blessed!🙏🏽 Love you and our son Jerome! Mom & Dad💕💞😘


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