“Not a Word I Use Often”

“Not a Word I Use Often”

friend <noun> a person who knows and with whom has a bound of mutual affection…

When I reflect on how I view the word “friend”, or how often I use it, its minute. I think over my lifetime, I have understood what it truly means to be a friend to someone, or vice versa.

As a child, I believed a friend was someone who you carried the weight for, or always stood-up for someone else.

I used to believe the people you grew up with are the “real” friends. Which are the people who always have your back. Who will give you five dollars if you forgot your own. It’s funny how life transitions…

As an adult I realized, first, who “seasonal friends and seasonal people” are. Seasonal friends or seasonal people are the kind of people that enter and exist your life for moments. Meaning, they are only in your life to teach you a lesson (some good and some bad); but to understand, that was their only role in your life.

I also learned, friendships are not age brackets. Just because I am 24, doesn’t mean I can’t have a friend at 48.  Living in San Antonio Texas has taught me that. I never realized, living in a mean and rude world, could also have pure and humble people twice my age that really care about me.

I think that’s what makes a difference… if someone truly cares and you care about them.

I also understand, just because you are twice my age does not mean you are more mature. Attitude reflects character, and character shows who people are and how they treat people; regardless is they’re your friend or not. I pay attention to what people say around me and what they say about other people.

Always make self-reflections, and look at yourself in the mirror. Treat people how you want to be treated. Everyone wants to be cared about in some way shape or form. Communication is key… it’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it.

Friendship is a choice, but also quit rare. My father always told me, “Real friends are the ones you can count on one hand”.

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