T.I.A. This is America

T.I.A. This is America

These days, people hide behind their fingers and masks. Disguising who they really are, how they really feel, and who they want to be.

Social media alleviates some of that; by creating profiles, and making fantasies rather than realities. With a little make-up, picture filter, voice developer, and surgeon; we can be whoever we want.

Whoever we want… just exactly that. Being who you are is a choice.

Is hate a choice? I think so…

As I was preparing for the next day, I came across articles discussing a hate video. It was streaming all over the internet today. The video was a white woman rapping. In the rap it praises white supremacy, stating that blacks need to go back to picking cotton. The woman wore an Old Dominion University shirt, as well as a President Donald Trump mask.

The President of Old Dominion University wrote a letter. He stated the disgust from the video and that the university does not condone this kind of behavior.

I wonder… do people really have this much hate inside of them?

To hate an entire race as a whole. To demean a characteristic that they cannot change; which is the color of their skin.

Here is the video…


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